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What You Should Know About Sulfate MGO Board

Magnesium Oxide board “MgO board” may be a factory-made, non-insulating protective cover board product. It may be used for a variety of applications as well as wall and ceiling linings, fascias, soffits, tile backing, and pad. It's made from mineral, a kind of mineral cement, and is often known as merely “MgO” (pronounced emm-gee-oh) because of its chemical composition of metal (chemical image Mg) and chemical element (chemical image O). Consider MgO as a kind of protective cover board (sort of like drywall or cement board) however with much-improved characteristics like hearth resistance, weather ability, strength, resistance to mould, mildew, and so on. MgO is accessible in several forms, and for building construction comes in varied thicknesses and sheet sizes. It conjointly comes in varied grades, like sleek finishes, rough textures, and utility grades. It's white, beige or lightweight grey in color, and contains a “hard” sound once rapped together with your knuckles–somewhat like Portland cement board. There are dozens of corporations that create MgO board, most of that is in Asia. There are many giant producers, however, most are tiny native makers UN agency serve an area.

The use of MgO goes back several centuries, nearly to the Pyramids. It had been originally wont to create mortars for masonry construction. Nowadays, in several countries, MgO is usually used for mortars. In North America, Portland cement is employed most of the time. The fashionable use of MgO to create protective cover panels goes back many decades. MgO boards are employed in Asia and also the Near East on several giants, best comes, notably for partitions and hearth walls. This new-to-us kind of protective cover contains a long, triple-crown journal.

Chloride Free MGO Board

Chloride Free MGO Board is additionally known as sulfate Mgo Board, may be a reasonably environmental-friendly board that is widely employed in construction and decoration. It's a brand new sort of non-flammable material made from lightweight weight materials.

Chloride Free MGO Board is created from mineral, sulfate, Wood fiber, Perlite, tiny glass material et al. The extremely refined MgO is employed because the main fireproof material, wood fiber, and perlite are used as filling materials, while not chloride parts, solve the issues of sunshine corrosion and enlargement.

Magnesium Sulfate Mgo Board is fireproof, waterproof, shockproof, tasteless, non-toxic, ice-free, doesn't rot, doesn't crack, deformable, fire-resistant, high strength, lightweight weight, convenient construction, long service life and contains a special performance compound compare with similar merchandise throughout the country.